November 29, 2023

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1. Nic + Zoe Spotted Sweater

Nic + Zoe Spotted Sweater




2. Nic + Zoe Crinkle Print Blouse

Nic + Zoe Crinkle Print Blouse




3. Nic + Zoe White Subtle Soutache Blouse

Nic + Zoe White Subtle Soutache Blouse




4. Nic + Zoe Bootcut Jean in Shell

Nic + Zoe Bootcut Jean in Shell




5. Herb & Lou's Infused Cocktail Ice Cubes

Herb & Lou's Infused Cocktail Ice Cubes | The Cecile; The Cooper; The Clyde

The Cecile • The Cooper • The Clyde

$24 for 6 Cubes 


Herb & Lou's Dehydrated Fruit

Herb & Lou's Dehydrated Fruit | Lemon; Blood Orange; Lime

Lemon • Blood Orange • Lime


Herb & Lou's Berry Lemon Lavender Rimming Sugar

Herb & Lou's Berry Lemon Lavender Rimming Sugar



6. Home Malone Door Hangers

Home Malone Door Hangers | Tree; Wreath; Pine Cone

Tree • Wreath • Pine Cone



7. Caspari Celebration Crackers

Caspari Celebration Crackers | Splatter Trees; Merry & Bright; Dog; Cat

Splatter Trees

$23 for 8

Merry & Bright

$30 for 8

Dog • Cat


8. WH Hostess Dish Towels

WH Hostess Dish Towels | Joy; Ginger Jar; Tree with Ginger Jar

Joy • Ginger Jar • Tree with Ginger Jar


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About 8@8

Every Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm (EST), Smitten owner Nancy McKaig hosts a Facebook live. Nancy goes live in Smitten's VIP FB group to talk about eight items that are new! The eight pieces represent the deep variety that we have in the Shop. There's always clothes but Nancy will also bring in jewelry, home goods (dish towels are a favorite!), accessories, gift and seasonal items. Viewers can comment with questions and order any of the eight items. Customers are invoiced after Eight at Eight and their item is shipped or picked up.  Eight at Eight is a fun way to glimpse new arrivals and to learn about upcoming events, style trends, giveaways and behind-the-scenes look at the lines we carry.

Eight at Eight is live but the recording can be accessed through Smitten's Facebook VIP group after the event is over.
Click here to join the Smitten VIP Facebook group.
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